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Watches are Time Pieces of Eternity

Antique Pocket Watch

The first wearable timepieces were made in the 1500s. These clock-watches weren’t very accurate, but were prized for their ornate designs. Many of them were shaped like small spheres or eggs. Some had more unusual shapes like stars, flowers and crosses. Over time, these timepieces evolved into round pocket watches and finally to the wrist watches that are common today.

Early Improvement

As the design of these portable watches improved, so did the technology that helped them keep time. Early mechanical watches used gears and springs to remain accurate, but the timepieces typically started to run slowly as the main spring became unwound.

Over the years, improvements to the design and materials used to make watches made them more and more accurate.

Quartz Watches Developed

In the early 1970s, quartz watches were developed and immediately became very popular on the market. In these watches, a quartz crystal is fed an electric current which causes it to vibrate at a certain frequency.

These vibrations are then counted and used to display the time, either on a traditional clock face or a digital display. Quartz movements are much more reliable and make for more accurate watches than the traditional mechanical movement of the past.

Watches Today

Today, watches are available in all sorts of style and designs. While their main purpose is to tell the time, many people look for stylish timepieces that are more fashion accessories than they are simple tools.

It’s not uncommon to find watches made with precious metals or studded with fancy gems. There are also more durable watches available for sports or leisure that are better suited to people with more active lifestyles.

A watch makes a thoughtful gift for almost any occasion, regardless of the age of the person you’re buying for. Many people have a “wardrobe of watches they add to on a frequent basis. In addition, scores of people collect antique timepieces. You may be surprised to learn that some early watches are actually quite valuable.

The Origin Of Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather Clock Photo

Remember those big, wooden clocks with long pendulums and which gives out eerie sounds? Antique clocks can evoke feelings of nostalgia for times gone by. Hearing the clock going ding-dong could either bring a person back to the past or to a time in the future.

Clocks, no matter what kind they are, have always been an important aspect of mans life. The invention of the clock has made life easier for humans, who used to tell time by the way the suns rays were positioned in the sky. Our ancestors could tell it is noon when the sun is set at a certain height or level in the sky. While this system worked, it made the telling of time impossible during night time or at times when it is raining.

Mechanical clocks which sounded a bell at every hour were invented in the 1300s. However, these clocks were so primitive they did not have minute hands or faces which could easily tell the time the way the clocks do nowadays. The discovery of the coiled spring in the 1400s made possible for the existence of smaller clocks and even watches. It was in the 1600s when the pendulum clock was invented by Christian Huygens. However, the pendulum clock was still considered inaccurate.

Such was the British Parliaments yearning for a clock that could accurately tell the time, that a cash reward awaited anyone who could create a clock that could be used even for navigation. Finally, the accurate clock was invented and humans were once again able to navigate and work, knowing that their clocks were telling them the right time.

One of the clocks that have become famous is the grandfather clock. This clock is known for being a work of art in itself, enclosed in a tower case and has a long pendulum. Remember that in the olden days, the longer the pendulum of the clock was, the more accurate the time. Grandfather clocks usually measured high at a minimum of six feet tall, and the tower made of hardwood and glass.

The Grandfather clock actually referred to the floor clock kept in the George Hotel in England, owned by the two brothers. The death of one of the brothers resulted to time malfunction of the floor clock. When the clock started to fail when the second brother died, the clock was never repaired. This was the same clock which inspired the song My Grandfathers Clock, composed by Henry Clay Work in 1875 and written after he stayed in the George Hotel and learned of the story of the two brothers.

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Most Grandfather clocks are striking clocks. Striking clocks, like the Big Ben clock in London, are clocks that make a gong sound at every hour.

the Origin Of Grandfather Clocks

The History Of Pocket Watches

The History of Pocket Watches

The history of the pocket watch is often overlooked in significance because of the many other inventions that were taking place. However, the pocket watch provided us with the first portable clocks giving us the power to know what time it was wherever we were. The pocket watch was a device that was very rich in the 16th century and only the high class could possess.

In the 16th century clocks were produced using springs instead of weights, signifying the transfer from clocks to watches. These old pocket watches were the first timepieces that could be owned by the public. Owning a pocket watch signified the status, wealth and power of an individual.

The 17th century made pocket watches even more desirable with a new look to the figure. The watch had changed from its original box-like look to a new rounded and slimmer case. Craftsmen began working ever so hard to create designs on every pocket watch made.

In 1675 some watchmakers discovered the importance of a spiral spring. By attaching the spiral spring to the balance, the accuracy of the pocket watch increased greatly. It was now possible to tell time by the minute as oppose to being off by a few hours. With this new discovery, the minute hand was born on the pocket watch.

The 18th century saw added improvement to the pocket watch with further development and more added features to drive up the price. Oil had become a popular method to lubricate and smoothen the movement of the hands of the watch. Jewels had begun to be used for the bearings in watches while diamonds were used on the high priced watches. This shot the cost up to again give the rich the power to show their wealth and status.

In the middle of the 18th century another hand was introduced to show the increased precision in time. It was only a matter of time that a third hand would be added seeing that we were aware of time down to the second now. This allowed people to know the exact time of day it was through there pocket watch.

The 19th century brought several famous pocket watch makers that increased the value of the watch. Having multiple watchmakers added the competition to the quality of watch they sold, including how much they sold their watches for. The quality of watches sold was now better than ever with much more reasonable prices. The 19th century signified the peak of the old pocket watch.

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As time passed further inventions were taking place and the invention of the wristwatch soon took the place of the pocket watch. While some old pocket watches are still around today, the wristwatch is the dominant choice of time now. Today old pocket watches are more of an antique collection than anything. While the pocket watch has served as a useful tool throughout the years, it now rests as solely a collection item that helped lead to the development of the wristwatch.

The History Of Pocket Watches

Watches For Fashion And Time

Although the main purpose of a watch is to tell time, it has evolved as a fashion statement over the centuries. The era of the hourglass watches and sundials is long gone. Watches are now considered to speak volumes about the wearers standing in the society.

Earlier, there were only pocket watches that were carried in a pocket and hung with a chain to the neck. The wristwatch is a smaller version of the pocket watch and is a fairly recent invention. There have been and are watches that are powered differently, like the self-winding, battery, digital, kinetic, light powered, and thermal powered watches.

The varieties of watches that are found in the market are mind-boggling. There are watches that show two times. If you are traveling, the time back home is also shown along with the time of the place you are in. There are waterproof watches that can be used under water too. They have a covering on them that protects them from getting wet. In fact, you can buy them just to protect your watch from getting spoiled during day-to-day activities or when raining. Stopwatches are used in sports to track exact timing, to the second.

Watches that have heart monitors show the heart rate when exercising. This is really good for those with heart problems.

Today, watches are also dressy, classy, and exude style. You get watches to match every outfit, every mood, and every occasion. The various features combined with a great look make the most in demand accessories.

There are several brands in watches today, like Invicta, Casio, Seiko, Timex, Citizen, Swiss watches and hundreds more.

Watches come in all metals, including gold and silver. They are also set with precious stones, the most popular are diamond watches. Diamond watches are a craze in spite of being the most expensive. People are spending as much as they would on jewelry, or in some cases more. Even jewelry stores stock watches these days.

These jewelry watches made from precious metals and precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc., are available for both men and women. Men’s watches have totally undergone a transformation, and even if they are still large and have a different look when compared to a women’s watches, they come in all styles and shapes and look very fashionable.

There are many leading brands that are making these jewelry watches, and they include big names in the watch business, like Gucci, Rolex, Tag Huer, Tissot, Swatch and some others.

If you are also fashion conscious and wish to wear a watch that does its duty of telling the time as well as attracts envious glances, go in for one of these jewelry watches that are the order of the day. They also make the best gifts to that special someone. If you are a guy, go ahead and gift a precious watch for your girl. She would be thrilled to receive on and she sure doesn’t expect only jewelry anymore.

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Watches Are Time Pieces Of Eternity

Many centuries ago, man was able to tell the time by looking at the sun and its position in the sky. Then came the sundial and finally the clocks and watches.

The actual purpose of the watch as we all know is to tell us the time, date, month, and day. With the introduction of modern trends, it came to be known more for its ornamental value than anything else. The once steel watch was transformed to Gold, silver, platinum, and white gold. The plain Jane unisex watch did a makeover to look grand with the studding of precious gems that glitter and sparkle on the wrist of both genders. Time never felt or looked better.

Like with everything else, watches have evolved with time. There are mechanical watches, battery, solar, and kinetic powered watches, even mobile watches.  The wristwatch was popularized and materials used for the straps are all metals, including materials like leather. Sapphire crystals are used in watches to improve the quality and durability. Electronic watches with quart movements are mainly used these days. They do not need batteries and get charged with movement of the wrist. A mechanical watch does need winding up but lasts longer.

Before the advent of the wristwatch, all mobile watches that could be carried around were pocket watches. They were attached to a chain or rope and were kept in the pocket.

Coming to the current trend, a watch can do more than tell time. Some watches have a GPS or MP3 player in them and some are in fact mini computers. They also calculate for us, we can take pictures, and watch movies. Stopwatches are used for sports and they tell us the time down to the tenth of a second. Watches with heart rate monitors are exercise watches that will monitor and let us know the heart rate while we exercise.

Now, people also look at the style and design of the watch. There are specific watches made for different purposes. There are the diving watches and sports watches that are waterproof. Watches talk of us and bring forth our personality. Choosing the right watch based on our need and requirement is important. For a collector of time pieces, he would be looking at the uniqueness of the metal or precious gems used or the intricacy of the design. Similarly, youngsters would look for watches that make a fashion statement with lots of new features.

Antique time pieces are found in antique stores worldwide and are a collectors joy. It is important to buy them from well-known makers and reliable stores, especially if one is looking for a very expensive stone studded one. For the regular watch, they are found everywhere these days, on the streets, small stores, exhibitions, or malls.

Brand is the main thing people look for while buying a watch as a fashion accessory.
Cartier, Rolex, Seiko, Omega, SwatchCasio, and Tag Heuer are a few of the top watch brands that are famous for their quality, look, and design. Some of them stock jeweled watches studded with precious gems like diamonds and other gems, that gives the watch an unusual and elegant look. They have thousands of varieties in mens and womens watches. This beautiful time piece given as a gift is timeless and can be gifted to anyone close to us.

Why Are Invicta Watches So Popular?

The Invicta watch is an affordable range of luxurious watches. This make of Swiss watches is known for creating fine timepieces which are economically priced. It is one of the fastest growing watch companies of the world.

The word Invicta is Latin for invincible and the company was founded by Raphael Picard in Switzerland in 1837. They have been around for more than a century. Both manual and automatic watches were created by Invicta in exceptional designs and great elegance but offered for sale at very affordable prices.

In the early 70s when the quartz revolution hit the watch market, the invicta suffered like all the other Swiss watches did. But the company did not die and reorganized itself in 1991 with the sole purpose of creating designer watches and making them available to the public at low rates.

The Invicta watches have high standards just like their expensive Swiss brothers, but are available at prices which are within a common mans reach.

Some of the famous watches are Angel, Pro Diver and Elite. These lines have watches that share platforms with many big Swiss companies.

The Invicta Pro Diver is undoubtedly one of the more valued Invicta watches and finds its place in most watch collections. Even today the pro diver has maximum sales amongst the entire Invicta collection.

The Skeletonised movement watch which shows the entire skeleton of the watch has been most intriguing. Like their expensive counterparts these watches are made of high quality materials like anti reflective sapphire crystals and Swiss produced automatic as well as manual movements.

The Lupah Swiss Chronograph is one of the newer models. These watches have a very diverse collection but one thing is common to all its watches, they make a common man feel like royalty.

Invicta watches have a higher end, too. Invicta created the 18K Gold Dragon Lupah Automatic and also the 37-carat Pave which has 4,600 uncut diamonds. The subaqua NOMA which has a meteorite dial as well as the limited edition Ocean Ghost speak of their great watch making skills.

Invicta watches are made available not only for men and women but also in a range called baby Lupah. These watches have colorful straps and one can buy one watch and a variety of straps to go with it. Such economical yet fashionable ideas are the Invicta Forte.

Though the Invicta watches are low cost they do require some basic maintenances. There are certain guidelines to increase the life of your collection.

One must always show the watch to a licensed dealer if the watch needs fixing. The watch should be kept in a watch box that has cushions to prevent it from getting scratched. But most importantly one should consider investing in a watch winder so as to cut down on the crown wear and tear thus adding years to the watches life.

I believe it would be correct to say that a smart buyer who wants value for his money will definitely have in his collection an Invicta watch.

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